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Massena Electric
Business Power Program

Businesses around the United States and Canada today are continually faced with a real challenge; the high cost of stable energy.

The Massena Electric Department has been delivering low cost, reliable power to its customers for over a quarter century.  Massena Electric’s rates are well below the neighboring utilities, and some of the lowest in the United States.  Because of Massena’s location, this not only includes the utilities found in New York, but also those in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.  In addition, Massena Electric’s reliability is in the top quartile nationally.

Massena Electric has added an Individual Service Agreement Rate or “Flex Rate” to its tariff to help businesses.  The “Flex Rate” is a negotiated rate between Massena Electric and eligible non-residential customers.  The negotiated rate will be at a discount compared to Massena Electric’s standard tariff rate and will be designed to help new businesses get started in Massena, and existing businesses grow in Massena.  The rate and discount will vary depending on the customer.  The “Flex Rate” is not a permanent rate.  The length will vary, and all customers will be phased into the appropriate tariff rate over a three to five year period

In addition to a negotiated rate, financial arrangements to waive certain upfront start up costs may be made under the “Flex Rate” agreement.  The costs can include, but are not limited to, special installation needs and/or security deposits.

The rate has already been approved by the New York State Public Service Commission and is available to any new or expanding business that meets the eligibility requirements, and is looking to do business within Massena Electric’s service territory.   For additional information, contact Andrew J. McMahon, Superintendent of Massena Electric at 315-764-0253.

71 East Hatfield St. P.O. Box 209
Massena, New York 13662 - 0209
(315) 764-0253
After Hours/Emergency Number: 315-764-0676