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Being reliable and keeping the lights on is something Massena Electric has, and continues to take seriously and our customers have come to expect.  Massena Electric understands how important this is to all of its customers, both business and residential, and continuously invests in new infrastructure that is intended to assure and improve its distribution system.

For businesses looking for a new location, having a reliable source of electricity is a must.  Throughout its history, Massena Electric has made reliability a priority and the numbers support the efforts of Massena Electric.


> Reliability rating in the Top 10% nationally

> System reliability rating of 99.995%

> Annual Interruption in the U.S. top quartile, and far below the U.S. and Canadian average (SAIFI Comparison)

When a problem does occur, on average, MED crews correct the problem in less than one hour (SAIDI Comparison), again in the top quartile nationally.