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Residential Customers Rates

EFFECTIVE  05/01/2017

Customer Charge $7.00
Energy Charge ($/kWh) $0.03936
Sales Tax 4%
Purchase Power Adjustment Charge (PPAC) fluctuates
*Supplemental PPAC fluctuates
Clean Energy Standard Surcharge (CES) / kWh $0.003137
Controlled Water Heating Credit (WHIP) $2.00 credit per month
$25.00 one time credit first month

*Charged on usage above 1,500 kWh during the months of January, February, March, April, November
 and December

Private Area Lighting Rates

If you have any questions regarding Massena Electric Rates, please contact Customer Service at (315) 764-0253

71 East Hatfield St. P.O. Box 209
Massena, New York 13662 - 0209
(315) 764-0253
After Hours/Emergency Number: 315-764-0676